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EE Times turns 50 – Hall of Fame Part 2

As part of EE Time’s 50th anniversary celebration, they’ve created a virtual “Hall of Fame” for engineers “who have helped make the industry safer and cleaner!”
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Coming soon to a store near you: robotic clothing

"...In university labs across the world, material scientists, computer programmers and fabric designers are working to advance robotic clothing at a rapid pace.” And these labs are focusing, for the most part, on life-enhancing applications.
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Necrobotics? Who knew?

I’ve been interested in robotics going back to my college days and have kept a pretty close eye on the amazing strides that have been made over the years. So I’m finding Rice University’s use of dead spiders to do some robotic lifting especially amazing.
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Some cool new cooling technology

There are a number of new approaches to air conditioning in the works, and I recently came across a roundup of some of the emerging ideas in an article by Robin Fearon that appeared on Discovery.com.
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