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Technology for the Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day, so thoughts naturally turn to matters of the heart. And at Critical Link, that means matters of cardiovascular technology.
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Second-hand reporting from CES 2024

Each year, I pay a vicarious visit to CES, the mega consumer technology show held in Las Vegas each January. So I worte about some of the products I didn’t see up close and personal
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A recap of the 2023 tech world

When the old year ends and the new year starts, I like to do both a backward look at what happened in the tech year in the past year, as well as what trends are emerging for the upcoming year. So I’ll ring this year in with a summary of a few articles I saw that recapped 2023.
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How smart is your shopping cart?

For Thanksgiving, some shoppers will no doubt be shopping the old-fashioned way,. Others will be doing self-checkout, doing their own RFID scanning and bagging. Still others may find themselves pushing an AI-powered smart cart.
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The Future of Embedded Processing Technology

My last two posts have been about some high-level tech trends. Here, I take a look at some trends that are closer to home, with my summary of (and take on) a piece by TI’s Sameer Wasson “3 trends impacting the future of embedded processing technology.”
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