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Camera Customization

Can’t find a camera that meets your needs? Critical Link can help you develop a custom camera to meet your unique requirements. Whether your application requires a newly available sensor, a custom communications protocol, a special enclosure, or any other unique requirements, Critical Link can quickly and cost effectively develop a solution that meets your needs.

How can we do this? We believe in clean, modular designs, and our camera platforms are no different. Our latest design includes three separate modules, each with its own specific function. Key technologies can be individually customized and integrated with your proprietary technology to create a custom solution that, from scratch, would have been a much more significant undertaking.

What are these customizable components?

Sensor Board:

The sensor is the centerpiece of any camera. With the MityCAM platform, Critical Link provides a number of different sensor boards which allow customization of the camera, however, the real advantage of this design is that if we don’t provide the optimal sensor for your application, the sensor board can be replaced with one that does. You design it, or we design it for you, either way you get the solution that’s the perfect fit for your application.

Processor Board:

The heart, and brains of the camera. Based on the MitySOM-5CSX System on Module design, the processing engine consists of dual Cortex-A9 ARM processors and FPGA fabric tightly integrated inside an Altera Cyclone V SoC. Both ARMs and the FPGA fabric are 100% available for your custom image processing – completely within the camera itself!

I/O Board:

As with the sensor board, Critical Link provides multiple options here. The purpose of this board is to provide digital communications outside of the camera and to condition the input power. Critical Link supplies boards which support single or dual CameraLink, GigE Vision, and USB. Should your system require a custom communications interface or unique input power, this board can be substituted for a board that meets your particular need.

Camera Customization