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Baseboard Customization

A baseboard provides the connection between the SoM and external interfaces in the system. It provides a site into which the SoM plugs in, provides the physical layer for each external interface, adapts available power to those voltages required, and provides the mechanical integration with the remainder of the system (shape, connectors, mounting).

Who better to help you with your baseboard than the developers of the SoM that it will carry?

Critical Link has developed hundreds of baseboards to carry our SoMs. These baseboards vary in complexity, from simple cut-downs of a development kit baseboard, to extensive hardware developments featuring a wide variety of digital and analog interfaces to meet complex product needs. Interfacing these products to the outside world through data converters is a particular area of expertise. Our intensive work in industrial markets – including laboratory, scientific, and medical instrumentation – has demonstrated our ability to develop everything from high speed analog interfaces, to highly accurate low speed interfaces.

With the development of a custom baseboard, generally a customized board support package is also required. Critical Link provides a base BSP for each of our SoMs and can easily adapt one to your specific baseboard, including the drivers and interface software and firmware to provide a comprehensive BSP that supports your entire hardware platform.

In parallel with us developing your custom hardware and software platform, your team can be using one of our development kits to begin work on your application or higher level software. Once our work is complete, your application can be married to the custom hardware and software, and you are well on your way to a complete electronic product development!